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cowboy.jpgIf you are interested in Wyatt Earp, cowboys, gunfighters, gambling, Tombstone, Arizona, and books on the Old West please click on the following links:




Wyatt Earp



To see a tribute to the 1950’s TV series, "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp", complete with a biography Hugh O’Brian, a list of the actor’s credits, and great photos, visit http://www.mnc.net/we.htm



To see a well-written play about the Life of Wyatt Earp and enjoy great performances, check out Wyatt Earp: A Life on the Frontier at http://www.wyattearp.biz/default.htm




Doc Holliday, the Clantons, and Tombstone, Arizona



To learn more about the book Doc Holliday. A Family Portrait. by Karen Holliday Tanner (with a foreword by Robert K. DeArment), visit http://www.gunfighter.com/holliday



To read an online biography of Doc Holliday ( taken from the book "The Chronicles of Tombstone" by Ben T. Traywick) at AmericanWest.com visit http://www.americanwest.com/pages/docholid.htm


To visit the official homepage of the notorious Clanton Gang -- "The most famous gang of cowboy's in the West" – a website dedicated to the Clanton family and the history of Tombstone Arizona, visit http://www.tombstonearizona.com


If you are interested in a timeline of events in Tombstone, check out Gary Ledoux’s Yesterwest website http://www.yesterwest.com



Cowboys, Outlaws, Old West History



If you like contemporary cowboys, the cowboy lifestyle, and the best in cowboy art, fashions, and current events, visit the website for COWBOYS & INDIANS:  The Premiere Magazine of the West by clicking here  http://www.cowboysindians.com



To visit G.S. McLelland’s Old West History.net , a truly impressive and well-designed website dedicated to which offers a virtual gold mine of information and hundreds of old west links neatly organized into subjects and categories so that they are easy to find (including the Wyatt Earp Historical Homepage and a section of links on Wyatt Earp), go to http://www.oldwesthistory.net


To visit the official website for the National Outlaw and Lawman Association (NOLA), the nation's largest such old West historical organization, click here http://www.outlawlawman.com


To learn more about the Western Outlaw Lawman History Association (WOLA), visit http://www.westernoutlaw.com


To learn more about the Western Writers of America, visit http://www.westernwriters.org



Old West Gambling



Faro was Wyatt Earp’s favorite game as a professional gambler. To learn the rules of faro and play online, visit http://www.gleason.us/faro/ Wichita Faro: free Flash card game.



Old West Firearms



The Colt Single Action .45 Revolver and the Legendary Extra-Long-Barreled Buntline Special variation of it were Wyatt Earp’s favorite weapons of choice in a life or death gunfight. Anyone interested in a modern version of this famous Colt and other Old West firearms will enjoy visiting   U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Hartford, CT, USA http://www.usfirearms.com  -- Leading, Made in USA, manufacturer of 19th century guns and rifles - including the Single Action Revolver, US Pre-War, Lightning Magazine Rifle and the Cowboy Action Rodeo.



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